Historical Records of Baptisms, Confirmation & Marriage



View this page if you are interested in obtaining any information from the Parish Sacramental Records.


The Parish holds the following Sacramental Records:

  • Baptisms and Weddings in St Joseph’s Church from 1881 to present
  • Baptisms and Weddings in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church from 1892 to present
  • Baptisms in Rosary Place Chapel, Good Shepherd Convent, Albert Park 1912 - 1972
These records are not available for viewing by members of the public.

Copies of entries in the Baptismal Register required for Marriage are given only to the person named in the entry. Application for a Baptismal Certificate must be made in writing to the Parish Office, enclosing a stamped, self addressed envelope and a cheque for $20.00 made payable to “Port Melbourne/Middle Park Parish”. The following details are also required:

  • Name of person Baptised
  • Date of Birth
  • Names of parents
  • Address at time of Baptism
  • Approximate date of Baptism
  • Church in which Baptism was celebrated
  • Names of Godparents

These details will help ensure that you are given the correct certificate.

Copies of register entries for those researching family history are only made available to those who can prove their identity and relationship with those named in the entries. Registers are not available for general viewing or searching. The Parish will release only the:

  • name(s) of the person who received the sacrament
  • date and place
  • name of the priest or celebrant

but no other information.

Our registers are not computerised. Because physical searching of the Registers is very time consuming a charge of $30.00 per hour of search is made regardless of the result. An initial amount of $30.00 is required to be paid before the search of our records begins. If entries are found, the details above will be provided without further charge.

In many instances it will be quicker and cheaper to apply to the online service at the Department of Justice or phone 1300 369 367.


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