Children's Sacramental Program


Parish Sacramental Program

The Sacraments are a key part of church life and are celebrated within our Parish church community.

Each year the Parish of Port Melbourne and Middle Park offers a special program to help candidates and families prepare for the celebration of the Sacraments of First Reconciliation (Confession), First Eucharist (Holy Communion) and Confirmation for all children in the Parish of eligible age regardless of which school they attend.

Candidates are eligible to prepare for and celebrate the Sacraments of:

First Reconciliation, in Grade 3 and above
First Eucharist in Grade 4 and above
Confirmation in Grade 5 or 6 and above.

Candidates are usually prepared for the Sacrament of:

First Reconciliation in School Term 1
First Eucharist in School Term 2
Confirmation in School Term 3 (or 4)

Our Sacramental Preparation Program places a strong emphasis on family involvement, as we recognise that parents / guardians are the main educators in faith of their children.

How does Parish-based Sacramental preparation fit with the School-based Religious Education program?

Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School is administered by both the Parish of Port Melbourne/Middle Park and the Parish of South Melbourne and Sacramental Preparation Programs are offered by each of these Parishes.

The sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are covered in the school's Religious Education program, but the immediate preparation for each sacrament and its celebration is provided through the parish in which the candidate lives.

Galilee School families who live in Port Melbourne, Garden City, Yarras Edge, Middle Park & Albert Park receive their Sacraments through the Carmelite Parish of St Joseph's, Port Melbourne/Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Middle Park. 

Families living in South Melbourne, Southbank & the eastern edge of Albert Park receive their Sacraments through Ss. Peter & Paul's parish, South Melbourne.

Both Port Melbourne/Middle Park Parish and South Melbourne Parish offer the same Sacramental preparation program at the same time each year.

Sacramental Program 2017

Preparation for each Sacrament is undertaken over four weeks with a rehearsal in the fifth week, a few days before the Sacrament is received. 

This preparation is designed not only to prepare the candidates receiving the Sacrament, but also to involve and inform the parents and other family members, so that the experience can be shared as part of the family’s faith journey.

For each of the four weeks, there is one Preparation Session and one Mass Ritual to attend. We ask that one of the parents (or both) accompany their child to the four weekday Preparation Sessions, so that the preparation of the candidates can continue at home between sessions.

The second part of the weekly Preparation is a Ritual for candidates during the 6.00pm Saturday Mass in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. The special ritual for candidates marks their journey of preparation for the Sacrament and focuses on different aspects of the Sacrament for which they are preparing. Normally, the whole family would attend this mass with the candidate.

Enrolment for First Eucharist

Enrolment forms are available on this website. You can download a form to complete and return to the Parish Office here:

2017 First Eucharist Enrolment Form & Information

Enrolment for Confirmation

Enrolment forms are available on this website.  You can download a form to complete and return to the Parish Office here:

2017 Confirmation Enrolment Form and Information