Carmelite East Timor Friends Group

The new Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Zumalai

Our parish is committed to supporting the Carmelite Mission in East Timor. The Australian Province of Carmelites has responsibility for the Carmelites and people of the parish of Zumalai. The parish has some 13,000 people, 13 mission churches and 9 schools.

There is also a community of Carmelites in Dili where some 30 young East Timorese are exploring the Carmelite vocation and a community of novices and professed Carmelites a 20 minute drive away in Hera.

The Carmelite East Timor Friends Group assists our communities form a mutual partnership with the people and Carmelites of East Timor, learning from them and responding to their needs. (See Photo Gallery). Its specific objectives are:

-    to provide opportunities for parishioners to learn more about East Timor

-    to raise parish awareness of the many social justice issues facing the people of East Timor

-    to have a forum within the parish where issues concerning East Timor can be raised

-    to network and liaise with The Carmelite Centre on East Timorese issues

-    to keep parishioners informed on East Timor issues, events, news and progress on Carmelite projects and especially the projects that they are supporting

-    to hold fundraising activities for specific parish projects for East Timor

Click here to read the latest East Timor Mission Update

Please contact Marita Molloy on 9699 2031 to find out how you can become involved with the Carmelite East Timor Friends Group.



• Life expectancy is 56 years
• 1 in 7 children die before the age of 5
• It is the poorest country in the Asia Pacific Region
• 80% of people are unemployed
• 41% of people earn less than 55 cents a day
• Only 15% of people have access to clean water
• The mortality rate is 200 times higher than Australia
• Approximately 46% of East Timor’s population have never had any schooling
• The level of illiteracy is 60% in women and 44% in men
• Half of the population of one million people is under the age of 14


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