Mission & Service


The word ‘communion’ means to share in common. In Holy Communion what we share, in common with God and each other, is Jesus Christ present in the Bread and the Wine. A deeper meaning of ‘communion’ is to be of one mind and heart. It is the Holy Spirit who keeps us in communion of mind and heart with God, with Christ and with each other.

We are nourished and fed with the life of Christ so that we may be Christ in the world. Together we become the living Body of Christ. That is what energises us to work to transform the injustices and limitations of the world around us. We transform them with the vision (mind) and love (heart) of God so that every person may live, breathe, eat and drink of all the good things God gives us: nature, knowledge, understanding, technology, food, medicine, compassion, justice, goodness, love, peace, forgiveness, encouragement, compassion and hope.

We are stewards of God’s grace and life

Our sense of thanksgiving to God finds its expression in our generosity and willingness to share what we have, so that others may have life. Only the rich sharing of our gifts can allow the life of God to flow through us to touch the world. As Christians we recognise that God has entrusted the gifts of our time and talents to us, not for us alone, but so that we will invest them well in the service of his kingdom and for the good of one another, especially those in need.

In our Parish, we do this by operating a Christian Stewardship program. Our Stewardship Program is an opportunity for each Parishioner to practise a way of living based on sharing our time, talents and treasure.

We encourage our parishioners to:

•    Join a parish ministry and share their God-given gifts and talents.
•    Give generously, proportionately and meaningfully to the works of the parish.

Our parishioners are invited to volunteer their Time and Talents for our parish and local community through our Liturgical, Formation in Faith, Caring and Outreach ministries. Details of which can be found here.


Financial Stewardship – giving generously and joyfully

Within the context of Biblical Stewardship, Financial Stewardship calls us to gratefully share our financial gifts and give generously for the many blessings we have received. 

Over many years, members of our Catholic Community have generously supported the needs of our Parish. Many of our ministry works would not be possible without this continual financial support. We ask that each of our parishioners considers how much and how frequently they can financially contribute to the running of our Parish.

Listed below are some of the ways that parishioners financially contribute:

•    One-time donation.

•    Automatic withdrawal.  Planned giving is a way to give from your “first fruits” instead of what is left over. Your planned giving helps us plan.

•    Bequests - Leaving a gift through your will, creating a gift annuity or designating the Parish as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy are just a few of the ways you could plan to make a difference.

Please consider downloading a pdf Stewardship Offering card and then filling in your details and mailing to the Parish Office.