Policy on Integrity in Ministry and Professional Standards

The Catholic Parish of Port Melbourne – Middle Park follows the Professional Standards and Protocols as outlined in the following documents

  • Towards Healing
  • Integrity in Ministry
  • Integrity in the Service of the Church

as they are articulated by the National Committee for Professional Standards (NCPS). This Committee is a joint committee of Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) and the Australian Catholic Bishops. 

For more detailed information about the Policies and Protocols in these particular areas, please visit http://www.tjhcouncil.org.au.

For further information about this Parish, please contact the Parish Office at 274 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne. Vic 3207 on (03) 9681 9600 or visit the Parish website www.sj-mc.org.au.

This statement was published on 21 July 2015.